FAQs Installation

1. How long will the installation take?
SOLARfied can install your PV system within days of approval. The approvals from your retailer and distributor however can take up to 6-8 weeks. SOLARfied will keep you informed throughout the approval process.

2. Where do you place the inverter?
Usually the inverter is placed out of direct sunlight, alongside the fuse box, where it runs silently and displays information such as the amount of electricity generated.

3. How much roof space is needed?
1.0 kW system needs approximately 10m2, therefore a 15 kW system needs ~150m2 and so forth.

4. What is the weight of the solar system on the roof?
Approximately 27 kilograms per square meter.

5. Will I need a new switchboard and/or meter?
You need a solar compatible switchboard and meter. A meter exchange or re-program may be required after a solar installation. The solar energy produced interacts with the power grid and the loads in your business via a ‘bi-directional’ meter.

6. What can affect the costs of installing a grid connect system?
A base installation rate includes the grid connect system being installed on your north facing roof with appropriate surface area available. Additional costs will be incurred for any switchboard upgrades (if required), or any other electrical upgrades or modifications to your existing meter. Should you require meter modification, SOLARfied will assist with paperwork, however the premises owner and/or utility bill recipient is ultimately responsible for the cost and this submission process. Indicative costs in South Australia currently are ~$95-100 for meter reconfiguration and ~$310-365 for a new meter.

7. When will the solar system be turned on?
– The solar system will be left switched off until grid connection is completed. After installation, SOLARfied will submit the grid connection documents to your electricity distributor, and they will arrange for a bi-directional smart meter to be installed.

8.What if I already have a smart meter?
– This may or may not be a bi-directional meter. If required, the meter will be reconfigured at a cost of approximately $95-$100 (please note these prices are subject to change and are issued by your electricity distributor).

9. When do payments start?
– Once your meter is ready, the solar system can be switched on and SOLARfied will initiate your payment cycle.


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