FAQs for Solar Investment

FAQs Investment

1. Will my energy bill decrease?
Yes. The SOLARfied Power Purchase Contract is set at $0.24 which is lower than your current 2017 commercial energy tariff fee.

2. What if production is lower than expected?
If your system does not generate the expected amount of power, we will refund the difference to bring your energy rate to theĀ targeted $0.24. However, it is more likely that your system will produce slightly more power than what we promised.

3. What size system do I need?
The required system size depends on a businessā€™ energy usage and geographical location.

4. Can I insure my grid connect system?
Most insurers will add your system onto your business insurance, but check with your insurance company about their conditions.

5. What if I want to pay out the contact?
The contract can be paid out at any time, or alternatively it can also be assigned to another party (subject to finance approvals).

Qualifications & Memberships

SOLARfied is wholly owned subsidiary of LEDified Lighting Corporation